Apple Worm

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The most basic things about Apple Worm

General rules

Come to Apple Worm to experience this fun and brain-damaging puzzle game. Guide the worm to move and collect apples on the wooden bar to complete the level.

You will have the opportunity to one day transform into a worm in this game. Take control of your worm to collect apples on the way and go to the portal to complete the whole challenge. The length of the worm will be increased after you eat an apple. However, not all challenges are easy for you. Your worm also needs to avoid obstacles, empty spaces, and corners. It can be killed if it hits obstacles or gets stuck with difficult angles. Don't hesitate to join the game right now.

The way to navigate the worm

Computer: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Mobile phone: Tap on your phone to play

The developer and platform

This game is designed and developed by Gibton company. It was launched in January 2022. You can play it on platforms like mobile phones and desktop devices.

Specific levels

You will see 30 levels in the game. At high levels, you will have to take your worm through difficult obstacles such as spikes, traps, bricks, and so on. Your worm will die if it falls into a trap. You can use the brick to support you. The gaps will increase as you level up. This can cause you to fall easily. You also can lose or get stuck if you crash into a corner. However, I believe with your quickness and ingenuity, you will pass the levels excellently.