Bad Ice Cream 1

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How about Bad Ice Cream 1

Smile up with cute and funny ice cream is Bad Ice Cream 1. Control your ice cream to collect the necessary fruits and avoid all enemies to complete all levels.

As one of the best arcade puzzle games, this game will never let you down. You will become an ice cream in this game. First, choose a skin for your ice cream and start the game. Collect all the fruit in the game to complete the level. However, that is only the basic step. You also need to face tough opponents. You can die touching them. Therefore, use the ability to freeze or break the ice to deal with them. You can freeze ice to block their way or slow their movement down and break the ice to open your way. Besides, complete the game quickly to gain a high score. You can also invite your friends to experience the game with you to have the most relaxing moments. Are you imagining this ice cream looks like some bad thing? Stop imagining and get into the game.

Notes about Bad Ice Cream 1

How to control your ice cream

  • 1-player mode

Use the WASD keys or ARROW keys to move
Use the SPACEBAR key or F key to break and create an ice

  • 2-player mode

The first player

Use the WASD keys to move

Press the F key to break or create the ice

The second player

Use the ARROW keys to move

Press the SPACEBAR to break or create the ice

The levels

In this game, you have 40 levels to experience. The levels will have different enemies and challenges. Some enemies can use the same abilities as you, such as running, jumping, flying, rolling, breaking the ice, or creating ice. Besides, at the higher levels, there will be many enemies appearing on 1 level. Besides, the map in the game is also more difficult because it has more paths or more ice. Whether it's easy or difficult, you also need to try to pass every level.