Block Champ

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Take advantage of your gray matter on Block Champ

Although Block Champ is a classic puzzle game, its fun and engaging gameplay make it never out-of-date. Match the cells on the board to form a complete line.

This game has familiar rules that will not take you much time to overcome it. Use the given blocks on the right side of the screen to arrange them on the board. You have to match these blocks to form vertical and horizontal lines to remove them from the board. Then, arrange the next blocks on the board. Try to eliminate as many blocks as possible to achieve a high score. Each block will have a different shape. Take advantage of its shape to fit the board as closely as possible. You may get stuck if all the blocks fill the table without being able to remove. At that point, you will have to start the game from the beginning. Pay attention to special blocks they can help you remove blocks faster or maybe slower. Try to get the highest score. You can retry the game multiple times to break your previous score record.

Types of blocks in Block Champ

There are 2 special modes in the game including basic and color. In the basic mode, the blocks in the game will have no color. You just have to get rid of as many blocks as you can. In color mode, the blocks in the game will have different colors. Sometimes, you will encounter special blocks like lightning or stone blocks. Lightning blocks will help you remove lines faster. In particular, if there are two lightning cells in the row, you can remove them without filling up the row. Besides, in order to clear the stone blocks completely, you have to remove them twice. Try to eliminate as many blocks as possible to get a high result.