Blumgi Castle

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Basics of Blumgi Castle

General regulations

Experience a new kind of bomb game which is Blumgi Castle. Your objective is to aim the target to bomb and activate the bomb to detonate them.

Are you a real fan of bomb or bubble shooting games? With a familiar game genre and easy gameplay, you will easily be captivated by this game at first sight. Use your bombs to defeat your opponents and defend the castle. Firstly, use the arrow key to orient your bomb. Then, press the spacebar button to adjust the force and distance of the ball. When you feel it's time, release your hand to launch the bomb. Try to guide your bomb hit your opponent. Finally, press the spacebar to explode them. Your game only wins when your opponent falls down or explodes. Pay attention that you need to place the bomb far away from you. If you are hit by a bomb, you will also die. At that time, that level will be considered a failure. Believe me, conquering this game has never been difficult. Enjoy every joyful moment with this game.

The way to eliminate opponents

  • On computer

Use the ARROW keys to drag

Hold the SPACEBAR key to launch

Press and release the SPACEBAR key to explode

  • On mobile devices

Touch the screen to play

Characters and levels in Blumgi Castle

You have the opportunity to play with a multitude of characters including throw characters and enemy characters. Characters can include a radish, a dog, a platypus, a robot, a boy, a cactus, a fallen baby, and more. You can choose for yourself an opponent before entering the game. You can unlock one of your characters after unlocking the chests and finishing certain levels. There are hundreds of levels in the game. The levels are ranked from easy to difficult. The first level is always the easiest level. The last levels will be more challenging for players. It doesn't matter which level, win them all.