BMX Offroad Trial Stunts

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The principles of the game

Kickstart your morning with cycling in BMX Offroad Trial Stunts. Follow the arrow to drive the bike to overcome difficult distances and collect coins.

If you are a huge fan of cycling then you should not skip this cycling simulation game. You can optionally customize your character and vehicle to start your journey. Support your character to reach the finish line by following the arrows on the way. Ride the bike through hills and steep passes. You need to go on walls, cross deep valleys, climb mountains, across the forest, and so on. Then collect the coins on the way to overcome the challenge. Each challenge has some coins for you to collect. If you pass one challenge, you can continue to the next challenge. The following challenges will be tougher than the previous ones. Surely you will not regret spending time on this game. Are you ready for your off-road bike ride?

How to ride the bike

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the S key or DOWN ARROW key to brake

Press on the R key to toggle reverse

Press on the C key to see the camera

Hold on to the SPACEBAR key to jump

Hold on the TAB key to see the menu

Features of BMX Offroad Trial Stunts

Cycling characters

You can choose one of 12 characters for free. The new characters will have different looks and genders. You can choose one of them to become the lucky character and accompany you along the way.

Some useful achievements

You are selected for many special achievements in the game. There are more than 20 achievements that you can attain by overcoming challenges. If you pass these challenges, you can earn experience points (XP). For example, you have to win 40 times to get 440 XP, lose 80 times to get 50 XP and collect 80 coins to get 800 XP.