Bob The Robber

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Play as a thief and robber in houses by joining Bob The Robber

What awaits you in Bob The Robber puzzle game? Control your character to loot all over the rich houses and complete all the quests to move to the next house.

Have you ever encountered a thief? This exciting adventure puzzle game will give you a chance to become a good thief. You will transform into Bob. A thief robbed the rich and the corrupt to give to the poor. You will have to move through the floors. Pick up the notes to see the task. Stay away from cameras or tough guards. Then, complete the mission or collect money to get out of the elevator and escape. The missions will become more difficult as you level up. Note that if you get caught, you'll have to start over from the beginning. You just have a certain time to complete the game. If you can not overcome the challenge in the ruled time, you will lose the game. Do you get ready for this dangerous mission?

Fun facts you may not know

How to rob

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the W key or the UP ARROW key to read the paper and open the door

Use the SPACEBAR key to knock out the enemies

The background information

Developed by Kizi and the first part of the game series, this game is keen by many players. It was released in October 2018. You can play it on platforms like iOS and desktop devices.

Some places to rob in the game

In the level map, you will see the houses you need to loot. It will include places like casinos, bars, jewelry stores, hotels, and so on. Each house will be a challenge for you. If you can't pass them within the allotted time you will lose. Each level will give you a specific score. Finish in the shortest time you will get a high score.