Brain Test 2

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Exercise your brain with Brain Test 2

Challenge yourself with various available levels in the Brain Test 2 puzzle game. Use objects or characters in the game to complete the main character's quests.

This game is like its name which you also need to pass difficult levels by taking your character through challenges and missions. Then you can continue with the next challenge. Each level is a special challenge revolving around the main character, a chubby girl. You need to use hints or items found in each level to help your character. The items you can pick up will be useful for your level, but the items that are returned to their original location probably won't help you. You don't need time to complete a level by yourself. Therefore, you should think carefully. Each completed level will give you the same number of light bulbs as your score. A challenge that makes you give up a lot of gray matter, do you dare?

Brain Test 2 levels and its topics

You have 5 main levels. In the first 4 levels, you will have to pass 20 small levels while the last level requires you to pass 21 levels to beat the game. Topics in the main levels like the chubby girl's life, the boy's story in prison, the story of a family, the diary of becoming a hero, and so on. Each level will give you 3 stars. You need to try your best to complete these levels. You can use in-game hints to aid your journey.