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Play Bump.io

Bump.io is one of the best io games among cars. Defeat enemies by creating collisions and cornering them against a wall of spikes to become the last survivor.

Known as a game with attractive strategy and simple gameplay, you can easily control your cars and master the game. Control the mouse to guide your car to move on the map. Then, create collisions by attacking other cars. After that, you need to corner your opponent against the wall of spikes to destroy them. Try to destroy as many opponents as possible to be the only one left and win. Try not to let your car hit the sharp wall. At that point, you will die and have to start the game from the beginning. You can also get special gifts when you return to the game every day.

Special gifts in Bump.io

You can get special gifts when you join the game for 6 consecutive days. You can unlock new cars with special styles, skins, and features in the garage. Therefore, come back to the game to discover more fascinating things and conquer more battles.