Car Crash

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Enjoy Car Crash to get a great relaxing time

The gameplay

Have fun with the 3D driving game that is Car Crash. Control your car to hit the wall many times to earn bonuses and continue with the next modes.

This is a new style driving game with exciting graphics and absolute entertainment and is a car smasher game that you can try in times of fatigue. Start with the first mode by controlling the car so that it hits the wall as many times as possible to earn bonus points. You need to crash as many times as possible with high speed to damage your car. Then you will get some money. You can use your money to continue to conquer the following modes. The special thing about this game is that you can destroy your car even if it is in the garage by touching the screen. Join the game to discover all modes.

The way to move your car

PC: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Mobile device: Tap on the screen to play

All modes of Car Crash

This game brings you 10 modes with distinctive missions including crash test, freedom park, derby, crusher, hammer, springboard, and more. Each mode will give players different challenges. Each mode will give the player a different method to destroy the vehicle. However, you need to use some money to unlock new modes. Modes will have an incremental value like 5000 coins for freedom mode, 10000 coins for derby, and 80000 coins for darts mode.