Car Rush

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Welcome to the driving game Car Rush

With cute cartoon graphics and simple gameplay, Car Rush will make you show off all your driving skills. Take the car to the endpoint and avoid others.

One of the most attractive driving games cannot be ignored. Get your car to the finish line as quickly as possible to complete the level. However, to successfully reach the finish line, you also need to pass other traffic vehicles. To move your vehicle, you need to use the W key and the UP ARROW key to go straight. Press on the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move left or right. Release your finger to stop your car. Try not to let your fingers leave the keyboard or your screen for any second to avoid losing time and get to the finish line quickly. Besides, avoid corners or roadside obstacles. They can slow you down and waste time when hit. You only have a short time to complete the levels. Therefore, run at full speed and don't take your hands off your keyboard at all times to finish the game quickly. You will earn many stars if you reach the finish line in a short time. Conversely, if you do not reach the finish line within this time, you will fail the level and have to try again. After completing a level, the next level will be unlocked for you. Continue the game at every level to show your driving talent in this fascinating game.

Main roads in Car Rush

You are offered three main road styles. You will take your car to move from the countryside with many trees to the city with many floors and vehicles. Then continue to go to the natural area with rocky mountains and forests. Each of these paths will bring up three sub-levels. After passing a small level, you will complete the level and go to the next level with some stars.