Cars Lightning Off-road Training

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Drive through the twisty roads in Cars Cars Lightning Off-road Training

If you are engrossed in driving games, don't miss Cars Lightning Off-road Training. Drive the car through bends and collect the oil cans to go to the endpoint.

Have you seen the Cars cartoon of Disney? Are you easily caught up in the eye-catching race between these cute cars? You will continue to see them in this off-road driving game. Drive your cars 3 laps across the finish line to complete the level. Besides, do not forget to collect gas tanks on the road. You will see blue and red gas tanks, collect them to raise your badge rating. You also need to pay attention to the timing. Time is limited. Therefore, you need to try to pass them in the given time. Besides, you have certain levels to pass. Each level will bring different challenges. To get the most lightning and the highest point, you need to complete the level in the shortest time and collect as many oil cans as you can.

Some things you can select in Cars Lightning Off-road Training

Challenges in the game

You have to go through 6 terrains. The missions and paths of each terrain are different and are divided into endurance, exploitation, and precision. In the first terrain, you complete 3 laps. In the next terrain, you have to collect 3 flags. They are scattered all over the map, so you have to explore every location to find them and reach the finish line. In the next level, you have to avoid all the obstacles on the way. You will lose one life if you hit them and you only have 3 lives. Is there anything else that confuses you about the game?

New cars

You are given a red car. You can use your badge rating to exchange for new cars in the select challenge section. However, you can only unlock them when you pass specific challenges.