Cave Chaos

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Enjoy your journey across the platforms of Cave Chaos

Some basic things which you need to know about rules

One of Nitrome's best platform games cannot lack Cave Chaos. In this journey, you need to jump over the platforms as quickly as possible to reach the endpoint.

Nitrome's games never let us down with their engaging gameplay and easy controls. Control your character to overcome the obstacles on the way to the finish line and enjoy the next level. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. Platforms do not stand still. They will fall when you move over or stand on it for a long time. Therefore, you may fall down from the platform if you do not move quickly. Collect all the diamonds on the way. At some levels, the platforms will be higher than usual, so you need to make use of the objects found in the game to help you get through them easily. Can you complete all the levels in this game with your friend?

Take control of your character in each mode

  • First-player mode:

Use the WASD key or the ARROW key to move

Tap on the W key or the UP ARROW key to jump up

  • Second-player mode:


Use the WASD key to move

Tap on the W key to jump up


Use the ARROW key to move

Tap on the UP ARROW key to jump up

Modes and levels of Cave Chaos

You can choose between 2 game modes including 1 player and 2 players. In 1 player mode, you need to finish alone. In 2-player mode, you will have an extra friend to accompany you. If either player falls off the platform, the other player continues the game alone. Each mode brings 20 levels for you. These levels have increasing difficulty after each play. Join and discover the fun behind these levels.