Climb Over it

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Climb over rocks to collect diamonds with Climb Over it

One of the best arcade games that you must try right now is Climb Over It. Use the power of the hammer to push your friend up and through the terrain.

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world is a famous quote by Archimedes. This saying will be understood clearly and practiced in this climbing arcade game. You have to move your character over obstacles and terrain. Click and hold the mouse to control the hammer following your intention. Use the hammer to lift your character. After that, collect the diamonds on the way and reach the finish line to complete the challenge. However, you must watch out for rocks or high terrain. You can fall if you are not careful. Besides, follow the rocks or higher terrain to complete the challenge. There are 3 main worlds to challenge you. Try to conquer the whole challenge. With this magic hammer, what can you do?

What you need to do to overcome Getting Over It

Some tricks and tips in the game

  • Patience and composure are key to getting through tough terrain. Calmly try again if you fall or can't get over them.
  • Try rotating your hammer clockwise to pass the platforms more easily. However, be careful with the rocks above your head. You may be returned to your original position by them.
  • Sometimes, short steps can make it easier to get off the rocks that are stacked close together.

The worlds that the game gives you

There are three basic worlds for you to complete this game. You must collect enough diamonds to unlock the next world. To enter World 2, you must have 5 diamonds while you need to get 15 diamonds to unlock World 3.