Connect Dots

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What about Connect Dots

Check out your brain with a fun puzzle io game which is Connect Dots. Connect the dots on the board together in one line to create a meaningful picture.

If you are too bored with the usual action games, you can relax with interesting puzzles to test your IQ and practice your logical thinking ability. In this game, you need to connect the dots to form a complete shape. Use your finger to move from this dot to other dots to connect them and form a straight line. However, you have to use your drawing ability and super brain to connect the points in just one stroke. If you need more than one stroke to complete the drawing, you will have to try the game again. If you get stuck with your answer, you can use the restart button to restart the game or turn back to redo the move. After completing a level, you can go to the next level. There are countless levels in the game. At each level, you will see a different drawing. The drawings will become more problematic level by level. Besides, you need to complete the game as quickly as possible. Conquer as many levels in the game in the shortest time possible to get a high position in the rank section. Besides, come back to the game every day to complete the levels. You can choose to play a new game with the new game or continue the game with the current level using the continue button. Try to score a high score to put your name in the ranking section. This game is one of the puzzles game with simple line art that is useful for children and adults alike. Whether your brain is retired or extremely sharp. Let's show it with this game.

Outstanding elements in Connect Dots

Levels in the game

The first standout element is the levels. You can conquer the game from endless levels. The levels are gradually increased from easy to difficult. If the first levels are just a few basic shapes such as squares, circles, or triangles, the drawings will get more complicated in later levels. For example, you have to perfect a hexagon, octagon, star, diamond, double trapezoid, and so on. The drawings will have more strokes. You will have to spend more time and headaches with them. For example, there are only 4 dots to complete the first square. You need 10, 11, or even more for other shapes. After each level is completed, you can keep going the game with a new level. Try to complete as many levels as possible in a short time to be able to get a high rank. You cannot snap into a dot 2 times, therefore think carefully before you decide to draw because you can get stuck with complicated shapes.

The rank

You can see the players with the best results in the game. In the rank section, you will see their level and total playtime. Therefore, try your best to get a high position. After achieving a high score, continue to challenge with the next levels. Never give up even if it takes a long time for a level.