Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure

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Journey to become a chef in Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure

Dip into the classic match 3 game that is Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure. Change the position of the ingredient tiles on the board to collect them.

Like most of the gameplay of other match-3 games, you will easily overcome the difficult challenges of this game. In this game, you need to help Chef Sara clean the room or complete the tasks in the To-Do part. To complete the missions, you need to participate in the small levels in the game and collect all the required materials. You can see the required or target ingredients in the right column of the screen. Then move a piece to form a line with 3 or more materials. If you collect more than 3 materials at once, you can collect booster materials which will remove more materials. Besides, each level allows you to move a specific number of moves. Therefore, you will lose if you run out of turns without completing the objective. The remaining moves will become materials. There are many amazing things about the game that you need to engage in to understand clearly.

The most attractive parts in Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure

There are tons of big tasks in the to-do part. These tasks include cleaning the room, preparing ingredients, shopping, cooking, and so on. After you complete a level, you will get an extra fire to complete these missions. Besides, you will collect the necessary items when you return each day. In the daily rewards section, there are tons of useful items and kitchen tools that you can collect. They will help with your preparation. Try to complete all tasks.