Crazy Cars

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Which is the best driving game in your heart? The definition of a great and fun driving game will be in this game. Considered as one of the most well-known driving games recently, this game will make you spend all day enjoying it.

Get ready with Crazy Cars

Join the Crazy Cars race

Race along with your friend in Crazy Cars to relieve stress. Drive the car in the indicated direction and collect stars to continue with the other tracks.

You can put this game on your bucket list on this summer. An extremely attractive 3D simulation game is in front of you. As its name suggests, you have to control a crazy car to go to the places you want. However, your path is not very smooth. You must overcome obstacles, turns and tricky terrain to get to the goal you need. You can do somersaults or you can collide with obstacles and still be safe. However, try to minimize collisions as you can get stuck or slow down if you hit them. You may have to try again if you get off the track. If you are stuck or unable to proceed, you can use the respawn button to start the journey again. Be careful because you might get lost. Therefore, follow the arrow icon to stay on your right track. At the end of the arrow, you will see two flags together. Drive your car into the correct position to complete the track and continue with another track. You can also see your time in the time bar at the top of the screen. Besides, you need to collect necessary items such as stars and wrenches on the way. They are extremely important in upgrading your vehicles. You can challenge yourself with other tracks or invite your friends to join the game in 2-player mode. Is there any other reason for you not to enter this race?

The technique to control your car

  • 1-player mode

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move your car

Press on the R key to respawn

Use the ESC key to see the garage

  • 2-player mode

The first player

Use the WASD keys to move

Use the R key to respawn

Press on ESC key to see the garage

The second player

Use the ARROW keys to move

Use the ENTER key to respawn

Press on the ESC key to see the garage

Game modes and garage in Crazy Cars

As mentioned, this game brings you 2 main modes such as 1-player mode, and 2-player mode. You have to experience the tracks for yourself in 1-player mode. Your task in this mode is to take your car through the arrows and reach the flag position. You can invite your friends to race in 2-player mode. In this mode, you and your friend will control 2 different cars and compete to see who will finish first. Either way, you have 7 race tracks to choose from including flag out, the slide, drag race, over egg mountain, etc. After you pass one race track, you will automatically move to the next race track. Each race track will have different challenges and terrain. You have to compete and do your best to get through it. You can upgrade your used car with a new car in the garage. However, you need to spend some items like stars or wrenches to exchange for a new vehicle. Vehicles include Huracan, Mad Bull, Prancing Horse, Deja Vu, Egg, and more. Try to unlock them all.