Crossy Road

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Jump in Crossy Road

The principles of the game

Relax at the end of the tiring day with a fun arcade game that's Crossy Road. Control the chicken to safely jump across the road and get the best result.

Are you always afraid to cross the road every rush hour? This game will show you that crossing the road isn't scary. The scariest thing is that you don't get a high score. Use your mouse or keyboard to control the direction of the chicken. Then take the chicken across the road, and river, and pass all the obstacles. Don't crash into them. If you hit the vehicles on the road or fall down the river, you can die. You have to pass as many lanes as you can to get as high score as you want. Don't step back. You can be stolen by the seagull. Be careful because the more lanes you pass through, the heavier the traffic will be. Besides, the cars sometimes appear suddenly or accelerate unpredictably. The boards on the river move extremely fast as well. Please move quickly and carefully. Humans are very afraid of crossing the street, so what if it is a chicken crossing the street? However, don't panic and just go ahead.

How to jump

Computer: Use the mouse, the WASD keys, or the ARROW keys to pass the road

Mobile: Tap on the screen to play

The attractions of Crossy Road

The first important point in this game is the graphics. You will see many cars designed with different colors to distinguish them from other vehicles and from the lane. Besides, the color of the lane will become darker as you get higher levels. Besides, you can change a new skin after unlocking a gift. You can transform from a chicken to a duck, robot, snail, dinosaur, dog, and more. With simple graphics and attractive gameplay, not putting this game on your game list is indeed a shortcoming.