Cut The Rope Time Travel

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One of the cutest puzzle games of all time is Cut The Rope Time Travel

Raise cute creatures named Om Nom by feeding them. Lead the candy to Om Nom's mouth with just one Cut The Rope Time Travel and collect stars in the box.

Have you ever raised a pet? In this game, you will raise some adorable Om Nom in a box. Your job is to feed them every day with some candies. However, the Om Nom is not easily able to eat them. Therefore, you need to use the dexterity of your hands and your smart brain to cut a straight line and bring the candies to Om Nom's mouth. There are all 3 stars in the box. Try to lead the candy past the star to collect them. You can use the available buttons in the box to help with your star collection. Remember that you only have one candy, so don't let the candy drop. If the candy is dropped, you will have to repeat the game. You need to pass a level to move on to the next level. Both Om Nom must be fed or you will have to do the game again.

Levels that are provided to players in Cut The Rope Time Travel

There are 7 main levels. Each level consists of 5 sub-levels arranged from easy to difficult. The levels will give you expectations. To pass these levels, you need to make use of the buttons or tools in each level. For example, the cushion will help you blow up the candy. The cushion will help you bounce the candy up. The stretch string will help you stretch the candy.