Deep Freeze

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Dip into Deep Freeze

Let your hair down with the thrilling action game this Christmas called Deep Freeze. Use your gun to freeze your enemies and eliminate them all.

Santa Claus no longer distributes candy at Christmas, because he is on a special mission to protect Christmas Eve. In this game, you will play the role of Santa Claus. You must fight and defeat the criminals to protect a merry and peaceful Christmas. Press on the ARROW keys to move from this platform to another platform. Tap on the SPACEBAR key to use your gun to freeze your enemies. Then, tap the SPACEBAR the second time to kick them off the screen and make them disappear completely. Here are a few tips for you. After being frozen, freezing can be inactivated within seconds. After that, your enemies can break the ice to get out. You must collect the items on the way after killing the enemy. Besides, you must not touch the enemy. You will lose a life if you touch them. You have a total of 10 lives. Each level has a specified time. You need to finish the game within this time unless you want to become a loser. Welcome your Christmas with this attractive game.

Appealing challenges

The levels in this game are extremely diverse. You also need to face boss enemies as you level up. Besides, enemies also become stronger, more dangerous, and increase when you level up. You have to be agile to improvise with them.