Drift 3

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Get ready to defeat other cars in Drift 3

Continue to experience a new driving game in Drift 3. Drive your car through all the tricky turns on the map and overcome other racing ears.

Your main task now is to put the car in the right direction and overcome other opponents. Do you find it difficult to navigate or brake your vehicle? In this game, you have to learn how to do those things. There are many turns in this game. There is a map in the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose a correct turn so you can keep going and avoid dead ends by following the map. Sometimes, going in the direction of the crowd will be a wise choice. To move, you need to click and hold the mouse or the SPACEBAR key to make it go straight. Then release and let it redirect. Try to get yourself to the top of the list which you can see in the top corner of the screen. Sometimes other opponents will purposely make you fall off the track. Try to take the lead and become the last remaining car. Don't think too much and just start the game.

What skins can your car have?

You can convert your car into a new one with the ones available in the shop. These include trucks, taxis, police cars, buses, ice cream trucks, vans, and more. Each car will have different characteristics. You can optionally choose them without paying.