Drift Boss

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How about Drift Boss

The principles

Run your machine with a new racing game style that is Drift Boss. Drift your car to get through all the tricky corners and collect coins to get a high score.

This game will make you burst with attractive and easy-to-understand rules. Your task is to perform slides to overcome unpredictable bends in an endless track. Click and hold your mouse to control the car to turn right. Then release your finger so that it can continue to go straight. Note that each time you turn a corner, your car will drift further. Try to make perfect and fast drifts to avoid every deadly turn or tricky corner. Besides, you need to collect the coins on the way. This is an important thing in the game. However, don't get too caught up in collecting the coins as they can make you slide off the track. If your car slips off the track, you will lose. You also can get tips to control the game after each loss. After collecting a sufficient amount of coins, you can use them to exchange for new cars or buy power-ups and continue to conquer longer tracks. Going as far as possible will help you achieve high results. Don't forget to return to the game every day to receive unpredicted rewards. Jump on this fascinating track and don't let yourself drift off it. Let your mind drift in the game as the way your cars drift on the track.

Developer and platform

Computer: Hold the SPACE BAR key, or the LEFT MOUSE to drift the car

Mobile phone: Tap and hold on your screen to play

Special things about Drift Boss

Various cars

One of the important things in the game is the kinds of cars. You can have 8 types of vehicles including a car, truck, police car, ice cream truck, ambulance, fire truck, and so on. You also need some money to unlock these cars. An ice cream cart requires 400 coins. A taxi only requires 250 coins while 500 coins are for a fire truck. Unlocking new cars will make it easier for you to earn coins and go further.

All boosters

Before starting a game, you will see 3 main boosters including double score, car insurance, and coin rush. You can get double the score with the first booster. Your car is easier to control with car insurance. You can see more coins on the track with the last booster. For each booster, you need to spend some coins to buy them. Specifically, you need to spend 25 coins for the first booster, 50 coins for the second booster, and 75 coins for the last booster.

The daily rewards

Coming back to the game daily will help you receive incredible gifts in the daily rewards. For example, you can get 2 stars if you come back on a second day. You can unlock a new car if you return to the game on the third day and get a lot of coins if you return to the game on the following days.