Drift Hunters

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General principles

Perform professional and mastery drifts in Drift Hunters an engaging driving game. Drive your car through difficult turns by drifting as much as possible.

If you are bored with super casual tracks or simple racing games, this game might be a great choice for you. In this game you will not have any obstacles. Your priority is to drive the car through the bends and make as many drifts as possible before the end of the track. The more you drift, the higher your score will be. Then, you can use your points to exchange for a new car or upgrade the parts of your car in the garage. After finishing 1 track, you can challenge with the next track. It is undoubtedly one of the best racing games, so why we don't join right now.

How to operate the car

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the S key or DOWN ARROW key to brake and reverse car

Use the C key to see the camera

What you are equipped to enter the race in Drift Hunters

Types of race tracks

Firstly, it is impossible not to mention the race tracks. You have all 10 race tracks including stadium, tyshen, dust, docks, touge, city, forest and so on. Different race tracks will have different distances and difficulty levels. On high race tracks, the turns will be more. This requires you to do more drifts. Try to get the highest score on each race track.

Visual for your car

There are up to 27 cars with different makes and brands that you can see in the garage. You can easily see cars like Toyota Supra, Honda S2000, NissanGTR, or Porsche 911 GT, etc. Besides, you can upgrade parts for your car or paint them new colors. All of these can be done with your score. Therefore, try to have a high score to unlock all cars and upgrade them.