Drive Mad

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What do you know about Drive Mad

Welcome to the extremely exciting driving game that is Drive Mad. Drive the crazy truck to reach the marked point and complete the challenge.

Famous as a hot and addictive driving game, this game will make you spend hours conquering it. In this game, you will drive a crazy car. Take it to the finish line safely to capture that moment with a beautiful photo. However, you need to be aware that you will have to go through many bumpy terrains. Therefore, if you are not careful, your car can overturn at any time. After reaching the sign point, you can continue your journey to a new level. Continue the new levels until you finish them all. Have you ever seen or been scared of mad cars on the street? Be careful with them not to let them become panic or lose control even in this game.

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How to control your car

Computer: Use the WASD keys, the IJKL keys, or the ARROW keys to control your car

Mobile phone: Tap on your screen to play

Various levels

To pass this game you have 100 levels to complete. Each level will have its own mission. For example, you need to overcome the slippery slope at level 9. Level 22 would be the climbing wall. At level 72 it's a flying carpet while at level 77 it's an earthquake and a runaway at level 98. The more you play, the more interesting things you can discover. Try to master every level.