Epic Race 3D

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About Epic Race 3D

Go straight into an appealing 3D parkour race named Epic Race 3D. Click and hold the mouse to jump and overcome obstacles on the way to reach the endpoint.

You can start this game right away with simple gameplay and easy to understand rules. You will participate in a 3D race with other characters. Control your character to move through obstacles by running, jumping or swinging over. To perform operations, you need to click and hold the left mouse. Try to pass every track as fast as you can to win and pass the level. Each level will have 2 turns. You must win the last turn to advance. Time to pass the levels. If you hit an obstacle, you will have to start over. At that time, it will take you longer to complete the game. If you are the last person left in the game, you lose. Brighten up this epic race with your participation.

Featured parts of Epic Race 3D

The overview

This is hyper-casual arcade game. The game is created by BestGames company. It was released in March 2020 and is played on platforms such as web browsers, Android and iOS.

Countless levels

The levels in the game are extremely diverse. You can go from low to high level. Each level will have different challenges. At high levels, your character will have to overcome unpredictable obstacles, jump over vertical walls, crawl through areas of tooth mesh, or swing over rows of iron bars, and so on. Try to beat them to go to a higher level.