Extreme Ramp Car Stunt Races Game

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How about Extreme Ramp Car Stunt Races Game

The gameplay

Enjoy a cool track in the racing game which is Extreme Ramp Car Stunt Races Game. Control your car to overcome obstacles and collect stars on the way.

If you want to challenge yourself with adventurous tracks, this racing game is not a bad choice for you. Control your car to overcome twisty turns and steep slopes, and perform stunts. Then, collect stars on the way. Sometimes, you need to use the accelerator and brakes flexibly. Slow down on steep slopes or step back to gain momentum over steep inclines. Be careful with the roads because they can make you fall down at any time. If you deviate from the track, you will fall down. At that point, you will have to redo the game. This simulation 3D driving game requires you to spend a lot of car driving experience on them. Fasten your seat belt and rush into this track in no time.

How to drive the car

Press the C button to look around

Press the Z button to start the light

Press button B to look behind

Press Q to activate the left light

Press E to activate the right light

Press WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Press S key or UP ARROW key to brake

Extreme Ramp Car Stunts Game 3D

Strong points of Extreme Ramp Car Stunt Races Game

In this game, the graphics and effects are prominent points in the game. Your car is designed similar to a regular racing car with lights, horns, engine sounds, and steering ability. Besides, effects such as sound and images are also extremely vivid. You can see the car from the front, back, and around. Therefore, the scene of the car falling is also designed to be very realistic.