Feed Me

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Immerse yourself in Feed Me

Feed Me is one of the most popular adventure games currently. Control your plant to move through obstacles as well as difficult roads to overcome all levels.

With the same mechanics as getting over it, this game deserves a perfect choice for your idle days. Take the tree over the obstacles and collect insects to reach the end. You need to click on the ground for the tree to move. Your tree can only take one small step. Therefore, choose a move that is just enough. You also need to collect the flies that are flying in front of you. After collecting the flies, the neck of your tree will be longer and you will receive a sum of money. You can also get an extra bonus if you collect the watering cans. Note that you will lose energy if you touch the obstacle on the way. You have all 8 energies. There are countless obstacles that you may encounter. Each level gives you a specific time. If you can't reach the destination door within this time, you lose.

All levels in Feed Me

The game was released by Nitrome in July 2006. The game gives you 16 levels arranged in a map. The levels will include Entrance Hall, Plum Run, Dragonfly Alley, Orange Orchard, Pineapple Factory, and more. In each level, the obstacles, as well as the prey, are extremely diverse including Thorns, Melons, Tomatoes, Flies, Butterflies, Snails, Ladybugs, and more. Thorns are found in the first level. It will cause you to consume energy and die if you stay in it for too long. Besides, melons spawn in bushes, roll, and can break if hit by fly traps. Tomatoes often fall suddenly from the ceiling and can kill the tree if hit.