Going Balls

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Lead the ball to the finish line in Going Balls

What you need to overcome

Going Balls is an amazing 3D arcade game that you definitely care about. You have to take the ball through the twisty roads and go to the endpoint.

This fast-paced rolling ball game is one of the most loved online mobile games today. Your aim is to get the ball over the tricky passages and obstructions to reach the finish line. You will face zigzag slopes and many unpredictable obstacles. Besides, remember to collect the coins on the way. Try to balance your ball. If your ball is off balance or misdirected, you may lose an attempt. You have 5 attempts at all. You must restart the level if you drop or lose all the attempts. After completing a level, you will get a key. You can use coins to exchange new balls in balls. Any reason for you to refuse this game?

How to roll the ball

Mobile phone: Touch and swipe your screen to play

Computer: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move the ball

What interesting things does the game offer you

Many appealing levels

The game gives you infinite levels. The levels will have to rise up challenges. A level is considered complete when you successfully bring the ball to the finish line. For each level completed, you will get a key. You have 5 attempts per level. If you lose the entire attempt, you will have to retake the level.

Change the skin's ball

You can change the skin of the ball with the 8 balls available in the balls section. New balls will include watermelon, eyeball, soccer balls, basketball, billiard ball, and more. You need some coins to unlock them. Unlock new balls to have more refreshing moments with the game.