GP Moto Racing 3

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Racing game fanatics can not miss GP Moto Racing 3

The gameplay and main modes

A 3D moto racing game called GP Moto Racing 3 is driving the gaming community crazy. Drive your motorcycle through unpredictable turns and other opponents.

If you are a fan of the racing tracks and thrilling feeling of motorcycle racing simulation games, there is no better choice than this game. You can start the game by choosing your character and playing mode. There are two main game modes in this game. Those are time attack mode and race mode.

  • In race mode, overcoming twisty turns as well as other opponents to become the first to finish is the most important goal. You can get a big amount of money after you become the winner.
  • In attack mode, the gameplay is similar to race mode. However, you don't need to beat any opponents. You just need to control your character to the finish line in the shortest time possible to win 3 stars and big money.

There are a few caveats for you. Each mode has 10 small tracks. Whatever mode you are in, you should avoid collisions with obstacles, barriers, or other racers. You can fall and lose time if you fall into these clashes. After earning some coins, you can use them to exchange for a new racer. You can also try your hand at the challenge of achievement. Are you ready for this exciting race?

Tools for you to control the motorcycle

  • Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move and balance the motorcycle
  • Press the SPACEBAR key to activate the brake and make the bike slide.
  • Hold down the SHIFT button to activate the nitro.

Highlights about character and achievements.

You can unlock a new character with the money you earn through race tracks. A new character can go up to $27000. Moreover, you can also see special achievements in the medal icon. To achieve these achievements, you must overcome difficult challenges. Some achievements require you to complete them through multiple attempts. Try to overcome all these challenges.