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Experience once being a span-worm in Growmi

How will a worm move or live? Join Growmi to discover this. Guide the worm to move and collect puzzle pieces and stars to complete the challenge.

Do you have a worm phobia or such insects? However, the worm in this game will bring you moments of relaxation and undeniable cuteness. Take control of the worm to move through obstacles and high stones. Your worm can stretch its body to move through them. However, remember that the length of the worm is limited. Therefore, if you stretch it too much, it can not move. Move to collect the required items like stars and puzzle pieces. Your worm can get into every nook and cranny even the tiniest places or the most difficult areas. After collecting the number of stars, your body will be longer and you can keep continuing with more difficult challenges. You can use support items in the game to easily overcome obstacles. Did this journey make you excited or not? So you don't miss any moment at all, get your hands on this game right now.

What you need to record about Growmi

Things you can encounter on the road

You can see several special items on star lines, puzzle pieces, batteries, spikes, boxes, wood pieces, and more. Stars and puzzle pieces are the items you need to collect. Meanwhile, you have to find a way to avoid the sharp spikes because you cannot control the worm to move through them. Next, you have to put the batteries in the correct charging socket to unlock the locked doors. There are many wood pieces in the game. You can move above it or go through it. Sometimes, these wood pieces will lead you to other places.

What you can do to make the worm move

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move
Use the U key to undo
Press on the R key to restart
Press on the SPACEBAR key to the worm's body stretch