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Brief theory of Hangman

Hack your brain with the word puzzle game that is Hangman. Find all the hidden letters and words with as few attempts as possible to get the victory.

If you want to test your vocabulary or test your thinking ability, don't skip this game. Choose your favorite mode to start challenging yourself. In any mode, all you need to do is guess the right word to become the winner. You will be hung up by a bunch of balloons. At your feet, a monster is waiting to eat you at any moment. Try to find hidden words based on suggested topics and available letters. You need to complete the crossword in the shortest time with the fewest attempts. You have 6 attempts. If you lose all 6 attempts, you lose and get eaten by the monster. Good luck and don't fall into the monster's mouth.

Notable facets of Hangman

The most special thing in this game is the modes. You have 3 main modes in the game including quick play, private game, and single-player. In the first mode, you can compete with many online players at the same time. You need to do your best to win the 5 rounds with the fastest time to win the cup. At this level, you only have a short time to complete them. If you cannot complete them within the assigned time, you lose. In private game mode, you can invite your friends to join by sharing or sending them a code. In the last mode, you can choose the level for the game as easy, medium, or hard. In this mode, you have to pass the threads and protect as many balls as possible to get the highest score. A balloon will explode if you take too long to think. There are countless themes presented to you in all modes. Get your friends together to experience the best.