Happy Wheel

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Ride on a unicycle in Happy Wheel

What can you do with a unicycle? Happy Wheel will give you the answer. Control your segway to traverse difficult terrain and reach the finish line safely.

Two-wheeled vehicles are sometimes very difficult to move. So what about a one-wheeled vehicle? In this game, you must control your segway to keep your balance and overcome dangerous obtructions. Use the WASD keys to move your character. There are many lethal obstacles in the game like nails, bombs, saw blades and so on. If you hit them, you will die. At that point, you will have to redo the game. You can use the SPACEBAR key to lead your character to jump over the obstacles. Besides, avoid things on your head. You can also die if you get hit by them. Your death count will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Try to make the game with as few death counts as possible to prove your talent. The level will be completed when you come to the finish line sucessfully.

What is challenging you in Happy Wheel

To clear the game, you have to pass 5 small levels. Each small level will bring different challenges and obstacles. You may have to overcome nails, thorn balls, wormholes, bombs, and so on. You need to watch out for the red buttons. Sometimes it can help you disable traps but sometimes it can trigger bombs. You will be stuck and unable to continue if you fall into the hole. You will be crushed if you fall on the thorn ball. Life is precious, so die as few times as possible.