Hill Climbing

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Experience being a bus driver in Hill Climbing

Hill Climbing is an attractive hill-climbing driving game that you cannot refuse if you are a lover of driving games. Collect coins on the road and pass the ramps.

Cute graphics and many attractive cars will easily attract you to the game. You can choose one of the cars available in the shop. In the game, you need to drive your car over steep hills and collect coins scattered on the road. Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to drive your car. Note that your car only has a certain amount of fuel. Therefore, you need to quickly overcome difficult roads to collect fuel tanks and conquer the next road. On some difficult roads, you should not rush too fast because they can cause your car to overturn. Then you will lose. Try to pass as far as possible and set the record for the game. You can see the remaining fuel by the fuel tank icon at the bottom of the screen. The further you go, the more coins you will collect. It will get darker and darker. Therefore, you need to try to go as fast as possible and be more careful when it is dark. How far can you go?

Why Hill Climbing driving game is attractive to everyone

Difficulties in Uphill Climb Bus Driving that you may encounter

Firstly, flipping is one of the difficulties that you cannot avoid when going through a jagged stretch of road. At this point, you need to stay calm and drive slowly to pass it safely. Next, the steep ramps are one of the challenges that most players cannot overcome. The slopes will seem vertical when you level up. To overcome these slopes, you need to prepare good momentum to go through it. Sometimes, you should step back to gain momentum. Next, running out of fuel can't be ignored on this list. You can easily run out of fuel as you go through steep slopes or uneven terrain.

Difference between Hill Climbing with another driving game

One of the driving games with graphics and gameplay similar to this game the most is Eggy Car. In both games, the player has to move the car through many bumpy tracks and the goal is to collect the coins to get the highest score. However, in Eggy Car, you also need to protect the eggs on the car well to prevent them from falling.