Jojo Run

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Defeat all enemies on your way with Jojo Run

What you need to do in the game

Transform into the character Jojo in Jojo Run a cute and unique running game. Defeat opponents and collect coins and diamonds along the way.

With creative graphics and engaging content, this game definitely won't waste your time playing. Help Jojo collect coins and diamonds on the road. You cannot stop Jojo because he can only run straight until the end of the level. Besides that, you also have to support him eliminate all enemies. There are many enemies in the game. You can knock them down by jumping on them or punching them. You can also perform long jumps by holding down the spacebar to move across platforms that are far apart. Try not to touch the obstacles on the way. You may die and have to replay the game when you collide with them. Each game will give you some coins along with 3 diamonds. After overcoming the obstacles and reaching the finish line, the level will be considered completed. The level will close when you fall into the abyss or crash into obstacles on the way. Try to pass all levels with your ability.

How Jojo can overcome obstacles

Use the SPACEBAR key to jump

Use the X key to punch the enemies

The difficulties in levels

There are a total of 8 levels in the game. The levels will have different challenges and difficulties. There is a maximum of 3 diamonds in each level. You can go to the next level at the end of the journey. Besides, the obstacles will increase and more difficult for you to overcome. Sometimes, they will appear unexpectedly or move quickly to make you guess. Defeating them will give you extra points. Regardless of the level, try to complete the game in the shortest time to get a high score.