Mighty Bike Race

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The gameplay of Mighty Bike Race

Participate in a relaxing race between bikes in Mighty Bike Race. Control your car collect all the flags and overcome the remaining opponents.

Have you ever been caught up in the Team Umizoomi cartoon? If yes, you will be transformed into one of the main characters in this game. Your main task is to take the bike of the Umizoomi team to attain as many flags as possible. Besides, you also have to overcome other opponents by driving Umibike through 4 lanes. Use the arrow keys to move to the right lane or left lane. Avoid road obstacles like other opponents and speed bumps because they can slow you down. You can cross the yellow lines to increase your speed and get special badges. In addition, you can accelerate by holding down the right arrow key. In the allotted time, try to collect as many flags as possible to get a high score. After you complete the track, you will go through a small challenge and continue with another Umizomi character.

Amazing things happen in Mighty Bike Race

Umibike characters

This game has 3 Umibike characters including Milli, Bot, and Geo. You will be able to change characters after you complete the track and win the mini-task of the game. After helping all 3 characters complete the track, you will win the game.

Obstructions on the road

You can face loads of obstacles like motorcyclists, speed bumps, nails, and so on. They will probably reduce your speed. Besides, you can take advantage of things like ramps or yellow areas. You can do nice somersaults with the ramps while the yellow area will give boost your speed.