Mob Control

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Master your battle in Mob Control

Dump into Mob Control which is an astonishing arcade game for you. Move the cannon and click to launch your army through the portals to defeat the enemy team.

Although the graphics are simple, with easy gameplay and attractive content, this game will definitely keep your hands on it. You have to control the cannon to make it move left or right. Try to move them so that they go through the high-value gates like addition or multiplication and avoid low-value gates like subtraction or division. Then, click the mouse and hold to launch the army through the portals. Don't let your opponent's army approach you. If they get to your cannon zone, you lose. Get rid of the red army on the way to enter the enemy stronghold. Then, destroy the stronghold of your enemy to become the winner. After winning, you can level up. It's time to use your knowledge of math and dexterity to beat the game. Show that you have a strong army.

Intensify challenges in Mob Control

You have loads of levels and challenges in the game. To pass a level, you must defeat all enemies and choose the correct gate. Things will become more difficult as you level up. Your opponents will be outnumbered and have more unfavorable doors like subtraction or division. Think carefully and choose wisely.