Money Land

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Basic features of Money Land

Build your own city in the building game that is Money Land. Expand your city by picking up money and using them to open many new buildings.

With just one click, you can easily control the stickman and break the game. In the beginning, you need to go to the money cells to collect them. Then, use that money to open stalls or buildings. After new buildings are constructed, keep continuing to unlock more areas. Keep going to invest your money in the expanded square to expand the space for your city. Your city will have more guests and residents visiting after it becomes larger. After your city is expanded, you can use the money to buy useful boosters to support you in city management. Become a good open-land-settler in your city.

Things that easily attract you in Money Land

Firstly, the map of your city is extremely large and varied. You can use the map as your city expands. Besides, you can see a lot of restaurants, eateries, and buildings such as hospitals, schools, cafeterias, hotels, banks, and so on appear in your city if you level up. Next, you can update some special elements like move speed, collect speed, capacity, district income, and district worker. You can increase movement speed if you unlock move speed. You can collect more and faster with collect speed, and so on.