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Step into the survival of the mouses in Mope.io

Mope.io is a great survival io game for you. Face survival battles in the game by collecting food on the map to grow and destroy other opponents.

It's a game with simple rules but its adorable and funny style will make you adore. In this game, you will become an animal and live in the mope world. Control your computer mouse to move in the map and click the left mouse to move faster. In order to grow, you need to collect the food on the map. Your food items will be something like dots, small vegetables, creatures smaller than you, and so on. After eating them, your body will be bigger. You can collect bigger food or creatures. You can also create your own shelter by digging in the ground to create a warm nest for yourself. Besides, avoid creatures that are bigger than you. They can swallow you to grow. After you grow up, you will be able to change the look of yourself. Remember that not all places on the map are habitable. This means you have to stay away from difficult areas like deserts, swamps or other enemy's territory. Fully exploit areas such as near rivers or streams or plains, grass, and so on. You can find many resources and food there. Try to be as big as possible and become the strongest mope on the map.

Fun facts you didn't know about the game

In this game, the map is divided into many areas such as underwater, terrestrial, forest, desert, ice or volcano. Therefore, each animal will have different characteristics. Pigs can move quickly when they are in the swamp. Penguins can move and live on ice. Lions can roar or dragons can fly. You will see their capabilities displayed or showcased on the screen. In addition, it also has tons of other features that you have to join or log into the game to explore.