Moto X3M

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Challenge yourself in Moto X3M

Blast your brain with the adventurous motocross driving game that is Moto X3M. Control your motorcycle to overcome difficult terrains and complete challenges.

Have you ever wanted to be a top racer or conquer the rough roads on an off-road motorcycle? If the answer is yes, you must keep an eye on this game. In the game, you will control a motorcycle and overcome the rough terrain. In addition, you also need a solid steering wheel to overcome the roads such as dangerous slopes, potholes or scary obstacles. Use the WASD keys or ARROW keys to drive your motobike. Remember not to let your car overturn or have a collision with obstacles on the road. At that point, they will explode and you are forced to start the game from the beginning. Use supporters who are on your way to support you. Sometimes, using the brakes at the right time and ingenuity will help you escape from the jaws of death. Try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible to get a high score and full stars. Your road has never been so arduous but with easy gameplay, you will easily get caught up in it.

Moto X3M unblocked

To become the best motor driver on your road, you have to go through 25 small levels. Each small level will have its own difficulties and attractions. After passing a stage, you will gain some points along with a few stars. The shorter the time, the more points and stars you get. Then you can use your stars to unlock other driving characters in the shop such as ghost rider.