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Murder to become a king or a servant

Murder has said the main content of this game. Change your destiny by assassinating your king to take his place as well as protect you in this royal place.

With loads of characters and fascinating challenges, your eyes won't be able to take your eyes off the screen. Try to get rid of the king in the game by watching when he's not looking and killing him. Click and hold the mouse to prepare. After the power bar runs out, the hammer will be lowered to defeat the king. The game will turn in two new directions. If you fail to assassinate the king, you will be locked in a dungeon and continue to return to the game as a servant. If the king dies, you will become the new king and deal with dozens of assassins behind you. Most of your servants are trying to destroy you, but not all of them are bad people. Therefore, you must distinguish who can be trusted and who wants to assassinate you. There are many engaging things waiting for you to exploit, join now.

The plot of Murder

Each of your solutions or decisions will lead the game to different endings. You may become a new king and live a peaceful life with the queen and the gods close to you. You can also be assassinated and end your glorious life by sly servants. In short, every ending depends on you. Besides, different storylines also give you special achievements. The achievements as well as the storyline are extremely attractive. If you are assassinated by a witch and turned into a frog, you will unlock the Abracadabra. If you spot 50 assassins and get them to prison, you'll unlock Maniac. You will unlock the Prosperity Life achievement if you successfully survive and clear the life bar.