My Mini City

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Create your city in My Mini City 

Build your ideal city in My Mini City and expand it. Use your workers to build buildings and upgrade them to keep continuing until your city expands.

This 3D city-building game is a great choice for your free days. Your workers will use bricks to build buildings in the city. Your task now is to hire more workers to help you build buildings faster. To hire more workers, you need to click on the worker icon. However, you need some money to upgrade items and items like speed, workers, and profit. For each brick that is transported and built, you will receive some money. During the construction process, you can see some useful items such as speed shoes or superheroes. They can also help you a lot during the build if you unlock them. After building a building, you can continue with the next one. You can review your buildings on the city map. Do you have anything more to explain about the game? If not, this playground is now yours.

Important characteristics to expand your city in My Mini City

Upgrade some useful things

Profit, speed, and workers are factors you can upgrade in the game. After upgrading profits, you can get more coins for each brick you build. Your workers will move faster when you upgrade speed. You will have more employees with the worker item. Besides, leveling up will help you build faster and get better profits.

Decorate your city with the decor section

In particular, in the decor section, you can use money to buy some decorative items for the city such as trees, benches, statues, gift boxes, cars, and so on. Buy these items to make your city more comfortable and beautiful.

How to earn more money

You can get extra coins when you participate in the daily reward or Wheel of Fortune. Come back to the game every day for more exciting gifts and participate in the wheel of fortune to try your luck. All these gifts are sent to you for free.