Nickelodeon Cooking Contest

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Basic things about Nickelodeon Cooking Contest

Show your cooking talent in a cooking game which is Nickelodeon Cooking Contest. Prepare a dish following the instructions to create a perfect dish.

This is a casual cooking game with eye-catching effects and uncomplicated gameplay. Choose your favorite dish from the dishes available on the screen and start making them. There are many processes to preparing a dish. Follow the instructions exactly to get a high score. You have to prepare a dish in steps such as pounding the dough, cutting the ingredients, decorating, baking, and so on. Click on your dish to choose it and move the mouse following the instruction on the ingredient to cook. You only have a short time to complete each stage. If you are unable to complete the step within the allotted time, that step will be failed. You will have to redo the game if there are many unsuccess steps or you get a low score. After all the steps, you can create a complete dish and get a review for your dish. By completing the stages in the allotted time and following the instructions correctly, you can receive a positive rating score. You can see the rating for your dish on the main screen of the game. Get done with the next dishes and try to collect a high score. The game will definitely bring fun moments and surprise you with your top-notch cooking skills.

Notes in Nickelodeon Cooking Contest

The dishes

You have a total of 10 dishes in this game consisting of Holland Oats, Krabby Patty, Sushi Dushi, Sponge Cake, or Donus. Each dish will have a different recipe. Some dishes will need a lot of difficult steps and others can be easily created For example, Sponger Cake will have some stages like pounding the dough, pouring the cake, and baking. Hudson's juice bend just needs to puree the required ingredients while the Sushi Dushi has to go through cutting, arranging ingredients, wrapping ingredients, steaming rice, and so on. There are many steps to create a dish like cutting, pounding dough, mixing dough, kneading dough, baking, and choosing topping, etc. Each preparation stage will have a certain amount of time. Some stages like frying, cooking, or baking require you to time them correctly so as not to spoil or fail. Follow the formula in the shortest time and most accurately to get a high score. You will receive an evaluation score on a 10-point scale after completing a stage. To win the game, you need to get 10 points out of 10 dishes from food critics. If you fail a step, you will get a low score and have to retake the cooking contest.

Ingredients in the game

Materials are one of the things worth talking about in the game. Each dish will bring you different ingredients. Specifically, some common ingredients in the game will be flour, meat, vegetables, fruit, water, and so on. From the ingredients, follow the instructions in the most precise way to form the main ingredients of the dishes.