Ninja Boy

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Fight against monsters in Ninja Boy

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Ninja? You will have the opportunity to transform into a Ninja and fight monsters to protect your treasure in Ninja Boy.

With mechanics similar to blumgi castle and exciting journeys, memorable moments will stay after you join this game. Control the character to jump or levitate using the circular icon. Drag the icon to adjust the character's direction. Then release to move the character to the target. However, the direction of the character will be opposite to the direction of your drag. For example, when you drag to the left, the Ninja will move to the right or you drag down, the Ninja will fly up. Collect all coins in the game. Besides, defeat all youkai and get chests to complete the level. Each level has 3 stars. You have to collect all coins and defeat all youkai to get 3 stars. Your journey to become a true Ninja is starting, what are you waiting for without dumping in the game?

The secrets behind the levels

You have to pass all 20 levels to complete the game. The levels will have increasing difficulty as you climb up the high level. In high levels, in addition to collecting coins and defeating youkai, you also have to overcome deadly obstacles such as poisonous spikes or sharp saws. They can kill you if you touch them. The adventure to become a Ninja is not easy but I believe you can succeed with your ability.