Office Conflict

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Engage in the intense gunfight in Office Conflict

Office Conflict will be an ideal option for gamers who love shooting games. Try to be a survivor by using weapons and eliminating your colleagues.

What do you usually do to resolve conflicts at work? In this game, your character will have to pick up a gun to fight with his colleagues. One of the best ways to resolve conflicts now is to get rid of those co-workers who are trying to kill you. To win, you need to eliminate as many opponents as possible. Your opponents also use guns and weapons like you, so they will try to kill you. You need to eliminate them before you are destroyed. Use your mouse to look around. Use the left mouse to aim and shoot down enemies. Move using the WASD keys or the ARROW keys. Then use the V key to switch weapons between knives and guns. Press on the G key to throw grenades. After throwing grenades, you also need to move away to avoid their influence. You can use the L key to stop the battle temporarily. Don't leave the game when you are playing. How many enemies can you eliminate? Can you win against these opponents?

Weapons provided in Office Conflict

You are provided with 3 weapons mainly including guns, knives, and grenades. With just a few taps on the keyboard, you can easily switch between these weapons. Each weapon will have its own use. For example, knives are suitable for close assassination. Guns will be suitable for killing from a distance while bombs will deal damage in a large area. However, your fuel will run out after use. Therefore, you need a short time to refuel for the next shot. In particular, your opponent is also very strong. They can be bots or other online players. You can move through the floors by using the stairs. Try to destroy all enemies with your strength.