Push The Box

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Push The Box in short information

The game rules

Boost your logical thinking with the classic and addictive puzzle game Push The Box. Put all the boxes in the signed position to complete the level.

Surely, our childhood had the presence of this game. Now, keep training your brain with this classic game. As the name of the game, you need to put all boxes in the correct yellow position. Think carefully before you decide to move the box. They can get stuck if you make a wrong move. Note that each level has a certain number of turns. Try to complete the game within the allowed turns. If you pass the level in short time, you can get more coins. You can use help like solve or undo in the left corner of the screen. With the solve icon, the calculator will help you complete the challenge while you can review your move with the undo symbol. After completing a level, you will receive a beautiful fireworks display and a chance to move on to the next level. Don't exit the game while you're in. It will cost you 1 life and you have to wait time to recover it. You can win this game easily or not?

How to push the box

Computer: Use the ARROW keys or left mouse to move the box

Mobile devices: Tap and hold on the screen

Neccessary levels in the game

There are 4 main levels divided into easy, hot, medium, hard, and popular. In the levels, you will have many small levels. You can conquer more difficult levels as you progress. Difficult levels will also give you more coins. Win all levels to show your IQ more than 100. Besides, you can boost your coins when you join this game day by day.