Shell Shockers

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How about Shell Shockers

Take pleasure in your breakfast with an egg in Shell Shockers. Raise your weapon up and destroy all the enemies to become the only survivor.

What can you do with an egg in the morning? Neither boiling, frying, nor grilling, we need an egg for a fierce gun battle. Control your egg to go into the enemy area and use the gun to destroy them all. The enemy army is growing larger and more difficult to destroy. You need to move quickly and shoot accurately. Enemies can attack you suddenly. Therefore, you need to carefully observe your surroundings. Use the terrain as your hiding place in times of emergency. After conquering the game, you can receive some coins. Use these coins to upgrade weapons or buy new items in the shop. Then, continue with another mode or create a battle to invite your friends to join. Wishing you immortality in every play.

Why Shell Shocker is attractive

Game mode

The game gives you 4 main modes including free for all, teams, captula the spatula, and king of the coop. With the first mode, you just have to shoot down as many eggs as possible to get as many points. In team mode, you will be divided into 2 teams. You need to support your team to destroy the opposing team first and win. In the third mode, your team will compete with the opposing team for a spoon. The team that gets the spoon first will be the winner. In the final mode, you need to fight to capture the area called coop. Join the game to discover many interesting things.

The inventory

You can acquire special items and advanced weapons in the inventory. You can exchange for a new gun among available guns like Eggk-47, scammer, whipper, and so on. In addition, you can enhance your appearance with available items such as stamps, hats, grenades, or melees. However, you need some coins to unlock them.