Sky Rolling Ball

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Brief information about Sky Rolling Ball

The game rules

Accompany with the ball in an endless running game which is Sky Rolling Ball. Guide the ball to run through obstructions and collect diamonds to get a high point.

If you are too familiar with running games, this game will certainly not be difficult for you. Control the ball through difficult terrain or slopes by shifting left or right. The slopes or terrain can change at any time. They may tilt, rotate, and lift highway ledges, and lower or higher slopes suddenly. You can hardly predict it. Besides, you also need to face obstacles in the game. Your ball will be broken if it crashes on them. Therefore, prepare a mind of steel to cope with the sudden change of the slope. Then, try to collect all diamonds on the way to increase your score. You can use your diamonds to exchange for new items in the shop or buy power-ups to support you in the game. The game does not provide any levels. However, it will become more challenging for you when you go further. One tip for you is not to focus too much on collecting diamonds. They can distract you or make you lose at any time. Try out your hand-eye coordination skill in the game. You can see your current score and your highest score on the main screen. Your points will be equal to the length of distances you pass through. Therefore, try to go as far as possible to get a high score and record it on the board.

The developer and platform

This game was released on November 2019. It was developed and published by the GamesBly company. You can play it both on mobile devices and desktops.

How to control the ball

PC: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Mobile devices: Tap on your screen to play

Unique points of Sky Rolling Ball

Power-ups in the game

You can use your diamonds to change for a new power-up. There are 3 main power-ups in the game including shield, magnet, and x2 button. You can protect the ball from breaking when it collides with obstacles on the track by the shield. You can use the magnet so that you can collect the diamonds near you. With the x2 button, you can get double your diamonds after the game. However, you need to spend some diamonds to buy them. For example, you need at least 200 diamonds to use the x2 button. You need 300 diamonds to unlock the magnet. To activate the shield, you need at least 500 diamonds. With each power-up, you only have 2 times to use.

All balls in the shop

The are 9 kinds of balls in the game. Each ball will have a different skin. You also need some diamonds to unlock them. You need to pay 300 diamonds for a soccer ball, 700 diamonds to buy tennis balls, and up to 2000 diamonds for a globe ball. Therefore, to unlock all balls, you need to try your best and collect as many diamonds as you can.