Slap King

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Perform powerful slaps with Slap King to knock your opponents down

Slapping is always discouraged in real life. However, it will be encouraged if you are in Slap King. Slap the opponent strongly to become the strongest.

Have you ever watched slap fights in real life or on TV? If the answer is no, you can watch and do it in this game. Deliver powerful slaps to your opponents to knock them down within minutes. You can see the power scale above the player's head. The power scale shows levels such as red, orange, yellow, light green, and dark green. Wait until the needle points to dark green and click to slap. If you hit red, your opponent won't take any damage. Besides, you can see the percentage of your and your opponent's health in the energy bar. Try to eliminate them before you run out of energy and lose. After eliminating an opponent, you can start a new level with more difficult challenges. You can use your coins to buy support items. Now is the time when you can freely slap anyone without fear of anything.

Things you need to learn to beat Slap King

The game gives you an infinite level. Your opponents will be harder and stronger as you advance. At level 1, the strength of your opponent and you are equal. At level 2, the opponent will be slightly stronger than you. With the following levels, you have to do your best to overcome opponents who are stronger than your level. However, don't worry. You are provided with 2 support items including health and lightning. For 50 coins, you can buy yourself a health to power up your energy bar. Also, you can buy lightning to power up your slaps. After each level, you will get some coins. Your coins will be increased for each progress time.