Smash Karts

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Racing games are never out of date. In particular, the racing game of The Gravel Pit is always warmly received by racing game fans. Among those games, it must include the game Smash Karts.

Play Smash Karts now

Take part in the Smash Karts track for chilly and exciting moments and with friends. Guide your kart to collect booster boxes and beat other karts.

If you are looking for racing games, you should not miss this hot game. With unique gameplay and addictive control, you will enjoy this game from the first minute. You have to control a kart and face other players for 3 minutes. Control your karts on the road and to the secret boxes. After collecting these boxes, you will get random weapons and powers. You can use them to deal with other karts. Your opponents are very clever and skillful. Try to eliminate them to protect your kart and gain more points. Quickly avoid your opponents to avoid getting hit by their weapons or projectiles. You can see your map in the game in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also see your position in the leaderboard in the top left corner of the screen. Don't let yourself be the last in the leaderboard, you will lose and have to retry the game. After winning, you will receive some stars and have a chance to enter the next race. You can get some XP after you finish a race. You can use your XP and stars to level up or unlock necessary items. Level up to discover more interesting things in the game like levels, tokens, and unique items.

Remarkable function

How to drive your kart

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the SPACEBAR key to activate fire

Main modes

You are provided with 4 main modes including Free For All, Gem Collector, Capture The Flag, and Hat Holder. You can only participate in these special modes when you get a lot of wins and level up. In the first mode, this is a race between you and other online players as well as other AI enemies. Your mission is to collect booster boxes on the road to get weapons and destroy opponents. It is ironic that boxes are not always real boxes. You have to distinguish them to avoid falling into traps or getting blown up with fake boxes. In Gem Collector mode, you have to collect diamonds on the way to get a high score. In Capture the Flag mode, you need to get the flag before your opponent to become the winner. Watch out and destroy opponents who want to take your flag. The last mode is considered the most attractive mode. However, in this mode, you cannot use weapons. All you can do is to run away from your opponent's attacks and weapons and keep the hat to the end.

What can you customize

You can customize interesting items in the shop such as hats, karts, events, etc. You can use your coins to buy new hats. You can change the color, style, parts of your karts with coins in the shop. Besides, you can unlock special events like Happy July, Happy Kid, New Summer, Happy Easter, Happy Eid, Valentine, Carnival, and more.