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Basic rules of Snoring

Challenge your logical thinking with a cute puzzle game named Snoring. Your objective is to wake up the elephant by using other animals to affect him.

Have you ever been bothered by someone with snoring? Join this game immediately to help animals in the forest not be disturbed by the elephant's annoying snoring. You need to use other animals to push the elephant and make him wake up. Touch the animals on the screen to activate them. Sometimes, you need to be clever and clever because the movements of the animals are not the same. For example, touch the owl to make it fall or touch the zebra to make it jump. If all the animals fall into the abyss before you can move the elephant, you will have to start the game at the beginning. Remember that each level has a certain time. Therefore, you need to complete the game as soon as possible to get a high score and full stars. Don't let the life of all species in the forest be affected by snoring. These animals are in need of your help.

Outstanding features of Snoring

Diverse levels

You need to pass 24 levels with increasing difficulty. High levels will require you to overcome more challenges and difficulties. Try to control all levels. Each level gives you 3 stars. When you pass some special levels, you will get some achievements.

Reward after achievement

Some unique achievements will be given to you when you pass certain challenges or levels. You can get different rewards as you complete the achievements. For example, you will get a pink pig when you wake up the elephant by using the pig twice. You will get a genius reward when you pass level 20. You will get 2 stars when you get 48 stars.