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What do you know about SnowHeroes.io

Enjoy funny moments with the io game SnowHeroes.io. Move your snowball to collect small dots on the map to become bigger and get rid of other snowballs.

A life-or-death battle between snowballs is going on that gets you caught up in it. You become a small and cute snowball. However, you need to be wary of other snowballs. They will eagerly swallow you. Therefore, you need to collect small dots on the road becoming stronger. After you reach a certain level, you can collect smaller snowballs on the map. You can use the spacebar key to speed up when you want to eat small snowballs or run away from large enemies. You can also use the right mouse button to jump and the left mouse button to sprint. You will get bigger and bigger if you collect many small snowballs. However, be careful to stay away from large snowballs and rocks. They can make you smaller or break into pieces. Try to be the strongest in your world by any means.

Unknown things in SnowHeroes.io

You can get some points after each match. Those points can be exchanged for a new look for your snowball. There are dozens of snowballs with new looks for you to choose from. Choose a new one to help you look brilliant and distract attention from your enemies. Besides, you can have special gift chests if you come back to the game every day. For 5 consecutive days, you can gain bonus points to buy a new skin when opening these gift chests. Therefore, go back to the game to get more bonus points.